Hi!  My name is Holly.  I am a wife and mom.  My family means the world to me.  I love to workout and I love to eat.  For the most part, I try to eat healthy foods, but I’ve been known to have some ice cream or chocolate from time to time!:)

My journey with fitness and food began after gaining the “freshman fifteen” in college.  I decided that I needed to get control over my health.  I started by reading Body for Life by Bill Phillips.  In that book, I gained knowledge and confidence to get my booty in the gym.  I completed the twelve week program that was in the book.  It was the first time ever that I could see actual muscle in my arms!!

Once I started to see results, I was hooked on fitness….ALL types of exercise….. videos, weights, classes, TRX, Crossfit, running, spinning.  I have tried most exercise plans, and I have read most diet books. The one thing I know for sure is that there is no quick fix, no perfect diet, no easy road to take when it comes to losing weight and being fit.  It’s all about balance and finding something that you truly enjoy.

I love to try new recipes.  I’m not going to tell you that I only make healthy food because that would be a lie!  I try a lot of healthy recipes, but I also love to bake.  I love to bake cakes, cookies, pies.  It’s also fun to try a healthy spin on an “old time” favorite.

You will find lots of ideas, recipes, fitness tips on my blog.  I will try to give you lots of healthy ideas but add a few yummy, not so healthy, ones too.  Like I said, it’s about balance!

Thanks for visiting!