Life of a Mom

Oct 17

This past week, I was not able to work out AT ALL!  I know, some of you will probably think that I should have been able to find a minute to run or lift a few weights but I DIDN”T!!!  I mentioned before that my 9 month old has been having a rough time  getting his teeth in.  Well, it all came to a head last week.  He completely stopped nursing and he was incredibly fussy.  I spent the entire week up several times a night singing and walking around the house with him.  It was a very exhausting and trying week.  In those moments in the middle of the night, when I just wanted to cry and be done, God brought a sense of peace and patience to me.  Instead of focusing on how tired I felt, He gave me a focus on Him.  Literally, I was walking around my house singing praise songs at 1am.  It put the baby to sleep and gave me time to focus on the one that created my precious little one.   God brought us through and the little guy seems to be on the mend….Yay!

Instead of feeling guilty about missing my week of workouts, I decided to start over the next week and kick it up a notch.  As moms, it’s so easy to feel guilty.  We sometimes feel guilty over missed workouts, not spending enough time with the kids, not making healthy dinners, not going to school functions, not looking our best every day….the list goes on and on!  We need to stop the guilt trip and realize that there is a season in our lives for everything.  For me, my family comes first.  This is my season right now.  I choose to lose the guilt and embrace this season!

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